Stan Rose has been a guitarist for nearly 30 years. He began playing while living on Long Island, New York, and was heavily influenced by local guitar heroes Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, although his first guitar influence was David Evans, The Edge of U2. Other big influences include: John Petrucci, Danny Gatton, Eric Johnson, Tony MacAlpine, Steve Howe, Ochieng Kabasellah, Shawn Lane, Stanley Jordan, Martin Simpson, and Steve Morse, among many others.

Stan has taken master classes with acoustic legend Martin Simpson, and classical guitar lessons at SUNY Stony Brook with a student of John Williams. He attended the last public Master's class of Andre Segovia. He also took lessons with John Petrucci of Dream Theatre (when John was living in an apartment the size of a closet). He currently lives in Pueblo, Colorado.  

Dreams is the sixth cd released by Alien Guitar Abduction. As with the previous releases, on Dreams, an attempt is made to blend elements of acoustic musical styles with the latest computer and sound technology. While previous albums were primarily instrumental, the latest album has original lyrical songs written and composed by Rose, as well as a slew of world class musicians: John O'Reilly Jr. (drums; Fun, Jimmy Eat World), Mike Kosacek, Sarah Ozelle (Moby, Erasure), Mark Corradetti, Amelia Fraser, Sara Azriel, Sarah Woods, Lynda DeFuria, Chris Hodges, and Chris Zurich.